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Each our piece is handcrafted and made from recycled 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver naturally oxidises over time due to different reasons like contact with liquids, when exposed to air and substances from the skin. Fortunately this is not a permanent state and you can always remove the oxidation. To maintain the finish, use a clean cotton cloth and mild dish detergent mixed with water, apply the mix to the cloth and simply rub the jewelry in one direction. If a more throughout touch-up is needed, ask a local goldsmith to clean it for you. Also note that wearing your ULV piece often can actually prevent tarnishing of the silver, so we recommend you to enjoy your jewellery everyday.
Unlike traditional gold plating, our gold vermeil is a high-quality form of gold plating in which a thick layer of gold(we do 3.5 microns) is coated upon sterling silver.

Gold vermeil is a perfect option for those who wants to have a high-quality jewelry. And at the same time it is an affordable alternative to solid gold pieces. All of our gold vermeil jewelry has been crafted using 24kt gold.

Maintaining your gold vermeil pieces is a simple task and if you follow the advice below it'll increase the longevity of your jewelry. It's important to remember that all metal is susceptible to natural wear and will eventually oxidise, fade or require expert maintenance in a long run.

● Remove your jewellery when exercising, washing your hands, showering, swimming or doing anything that involves moisture. Contact with liquid may cause oxidisation or discolouration.
In other words, when there's liquid there should be no wear.

● But, don't rub. We recommend cleaning your gold vermeil jewelry with a dry microfiber or cotton cloth after each wear before storing it. Do not use metal cleaners or polishes.

● Keep away from perfume, cosmetics and hair sprays.

● Store your jewelry in a secure pouch, box or air-tight container out of direct sunlight and away from heat.