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We’ve come a long way: from jewelry lovers who themselves were customers of various brands, to those who understand the smallest details of jewelry craftsmanship, those who are able to create a high-quality and unique product and to write their own unmatched history.


On the one hand, the decision to create a jewelry brand was spontaneous: two people met, within a few days they were united by an idea, a partnership, and later on —

by a love affair. On the other hand, the idea of creating a brand has been with us for several years.


From the very beginning, we knew exactly who we’re going to create jewelry for.

For people who, like us, have high requirements for anything they choose, favour exclusive things, pay attention to details, appreciate minimalism and support sustainable consumption.

The character of our ULV brand is audacious and textured, it demonstrates how aesthetic rough metal can be. We managed to embody brutality and elegance in simplicity.


We want you, a ULV jewelry owner, to emphasize your status and your uniqueness by wearing it. Each time you complete your image with our jewellery, you remind yourself that you are the main decoration of your life and you are irreplaceable.



We uphold business that has minimal impact on the environment, supports environmental movements and keeps up with the changes.

Thus, we decided to focus not so much on the aesthetics of the packaging but on the environmental friendliness of our goods. Although, the process itself still goes together with such essentials as minimalism and great taste, of course.


Our packaging is made from a renewable resources and fully recyclable, as well as the postcard. While the cotton bags are especially designed to make it easier for you to store your new pieces and use them as long as possible.


We donate a part of our profit to the fight against pollution of the oceans and rivers with plastic waste. Therefore, every ULV customer participates in charity work aimed at protection of our fragile planet.